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Lightning Speed

We designed our tools to be lighter and faster. From our precision ratcheting wrenches to our nimble 1/4" drive sockets, you can feel the difference immediately!


Our ratcheting movement is the perfect combination of instant moment and ruggedness. We have 72 and 90 teeth tools for fast ratcheting movement with a precise backflow.

67% Stronger Steel

Our Vanadium enriched tools helps our steel be stronger than non-hardened low carbon steel (SAE 4017).

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Benefits Broken Down

Our top selling wrench broken down


Behind the scenes

  • LM Leathers Plant


    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our ancestors started a sheet metal fabrication plant to service world wide customers.

  • Oct 2015

    Jaeger Tools was Born

    After growing up and being surrounded by indestructible old tools, and fragile new tools, I started to ask why our old tools lasted so long. I hit the SAE handbooks and found the answer! And the answer is in every tool we ship.

  • Apr 2016

    Our First Prototype Sells

    After working with suppliers for months, and waiting on long lead times, we finally start selling our tools!

  • Oct 2017

    Phase Two Expansion

    We now sell all popular SAE ratcheting wrench sizes and a Master Wrench Set.

  • Hold On
    For Phase

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